The “New and Improved” Select Agent Program

The Federal Select Agent Program (FSAP) has recently gone through major changes in their processes and interactions with registered entities.  One major change of note, is the new relationship emerging between the FSAP and ABSA.

In July, ABSA launched a new online forum for Select Agent users. The forum allows registered users to discuss the use of Select Agents.  This forum is a secure site that allows individuals to interact and to learn from each other to improve their programs.  Also, the feedback obtained from this forum will also be anonymously submitted back to FSAP for clarification and to drive change.  In addition, webinars and an in-person symposium will be held as part of the online forum. The events topics were chosen by the registered forum users themselves.

Also of note, FSAP released its first ever annual report on the program for 2015. This report provides details about the program, aggregate data on inspections and statistics on registered entities.  These new program initiatives are part of a long list of changes being implemented by FSAP in its on-going commitment to transparency.


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